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Why getting your vehicle wrapped is a smart investment.

Burger Lounge Van

Reach a large audience

Vehicle wraps are a non-aggressive form of advertising that will last a very long time. Reach audiences you wouldn’t usually encounter while you’re travelling around. If you choose an eye-catching design, like the burger van above, you’re highly likely to grab someone’s attention while you are driving or parked up. For example, if you are moving around a specific area, people will remember seeing your vehicle and will recall your business when they need your services! Don’t miss out on opportunities because your vehicle isn’t grabbing the attention of passers-by.

Whippy world trailer

Huge choice of design options

Having your vehicle wrapped means there are endless design possibilities! It’s the perfect way to create a unique and recognisable vehicle. From any colour and finish to any shape and size. Just like this trailer for an ice cream company on the left. You can choose from a half-wrapped vehicle, to create a contrasting look, or a full wrap for a big impact. Designers can produce wrap designs that are guaranteed to make you stand out on the roads.

Paint protection and Durability

Having your vehicle wrapped is a great way to protect it from any scrapes and scuffs. If you’re travelling a lot or working on building sites, it is likely your vehicle will be damaged from time to time. A wrap adds an extra layer of protection, meaning your paint work won’t take the hit.


Koston Construction van

It can be removed

This leads us onto the fact that wraps can also be removed, without damaging your paint work. Wanting to sell your vehicle? No problem, a vehicle wrap can be heated and removed easily. If your paint work has been protected from a vehicle wrap, it will also then increase its’ resale value!

Low Maintenance

Compared to getting your vehicle re-painted, wraps are very low maintenance. There is no need to get it waxed or washed any more than your usually would, you’re able to treat your vehicle wrap just the same as you would normally wash your vehicle. 

Professional appearance

Your business is guaranteed to look professional and approachable if you have your vehicle wrapped. Highlighting your brand on your vehicle shows you are proud of your business! Vehicle wraps are also easily duplicated, so if you have more than one vehicle you can copy the design over and create a professional and cohesive image for your business.

We offer both full and half vehicle wraps here at Octagon Lincoln. If you’re interested in getting your vehicle wrapped, give us a call on 01522 449 229 or email

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