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Welcome to Octagon Clothing, where we embroider and print onto a wide selection of clothing

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We understand that you need workwear that works as hard as you do.

Sports & Clubs

We offer a wide selection of high-quality sportswear for adults and children.


Our hospitality range includes aprons, shirts, tunics and more.


Our bundles are a great way to save money when buying several garments.

Why invest in branded clothing

In the age of increasingly casual workwear solutions, here’s why investing in branded clothing for your employees still makes a lot of sense.

Make a good impression on clients

Customer-facing employees are the interaction point between your business and your customers. Whether it's by having a friendly chat, providing a service on-site, informing customers about different products, or checking customers out at the till, your employees are going to interact with and make an impression on your customers. Make sure that impression is a good one by having your employees don professional and tidy branded workwear solutions and a smile.

Make your employees approachable to ask questions

The confusion of not knowing who to ask for help in a store can put customers off asking for help altogether, potentially resulting in them leaving empty-handed. Branded clothing is the solution as it identifies your employees, a.k.a store experts, to customers. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, customers are twice as likely to interact with uniformed employees because they associate the uniform with more expertise and expectations of better service.

Boost morale and camaraderie

Boost morale and camaraderie Just as the team kit and signature colours of your favourite Premier foster a sense of camaraderie and unity among players and fans, branded employee clothing can evoke a similar effect. Wearing clothing that represents your business can help employees feel like they are a valued part of a team, encouraging dedication and collaborative working.

Enhance the aesthetic of your establishment

Branded clothing can enhance the overall aesthetic of your establishment or business. You can match the clothing and branding style to your interior design, your company colours or other aspects of your business presentation, promoting cohesiveness and a nice environment.

Functional and practical

Oftentimes, clothes worn to work serve a function, whether that’s keeping employees safe, allowing them to move freely, or helping them carry different tools. Providing branded, industry-specific clothing can save your employees from cutting corners on their work clothes, keeping them safe and protecting you from any liabilities.

Increase productivity

Have you ever heard the term ‘enclothed cognition’? In 2012, a Northwestern University study set out to improve the effects of wearing a uniform on productivity levels and task success. They tested a group of medical students and while all of the students were wearing identical lab coats, half were told they were wearing doctors' coats and the others, painters' coats. The students wearing the ‘doctors' coats’ performed better at the given tasks and were more focused and efficient. This goes to show that having dedicated clothing for the task at hand - i.e. doctors' coats in the chemistry lab or branded clothing for business responsibilities - has a significant impact on productivity levels.

Free advertising

Passing up on branded employee clothing is essentially passing up on the opportunity for free advertising. When your employees commute to work or pop out during their lunch breaks, their branded clothing promotes your business to potential customers in the local area. In fact, in a survey of managers by Suffolk University, “71.5% of managers saw customized uniforms for their employees as more effective than putting an ad in a newspaper… and 56.1% saw uniforms as working better than internet ads to showcase their business to the public.”


Finally, branded clothing shows that you take your business seriously and are willing to make an investment in its presentation to the world. This leaves an impression of professionalism on anyone who sees or interacts with your employees.

Brand your clothing so your business stands out from the crowd. From workwear to hospitality, there are plenty of options for any type of business to choose from. Not sure what you would like? Pop into our showroom in Lincoln, where you can have a look at our different ranges and try things on in our changing room.

“Approximately 5% of all UK clothing purchased is workwear.”

Looking for a specific brand? Have a look at our brands list. But don’t forget, we can order anything or even embroider garments you already have. Get in touch today for a free quotation and more information.  

"Thank you to Jack for designing our T-shirts, polos and hoodies for Woodwright development. Fantastic materials making it comfortable to work on site as well as great embroidery so it’s long lasting. Highly recommend."
Gareth Wright, Woodwright Development

Your Clothing, Our answers


Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks, but there are factors that can speed up or slow this down. For larger orders, we would expect a longer lead time to ensure all items have gone through our checks. Stock levels can also cause delays if a product isn’t in stock with our suppliers, but we can let you know at the time of ordering along with an update on when we are expecting the next order. Small repeat orders will often get put onto machines in-between large jobs being set up which can create some very fast turn arounds. Whatever the lead-time, we will let you know a the time of ordered if we think things are likely to go a little faster or a little slower, we will always keep you in the loop.

We don’t have a minimum order quantity. However, we are able to offer a lower price on bulk orders.

Heat transfer printing is the process of using heat to transfer a wax image to your garment. Heat transfer printing is generally used for HI VIS garments such as vests and it is the affordable option. Direct-to-garment or DGT printing uses a special ink to print directly onto your garment, with the help of a DTG printer. It is the more expensive option but it is the highest quality option and won’t ever peel.

We don’t place a limit on the number of logo’s you can have embroidered. However, the garment type you opt for and it’s fabric quality are factors to consider.

The most logos we have ever embroidered on a single garment before is nine. However, we have printed logos on tops, absolutely plastering them all over for a race team.

Yes, Octagon is happy to print or embroider garments for sports teams, hospitality businesses, tradespeople and more. If you have a uniform, we can print or embroider it for you!

We offer anything from new born upto 8XL. This is all range for obvious reasons. The majority of the our ranges are available in small to 2xl, with more and more ranges getting 3xl available and children’s sizes to match.

Yes, pop by our showroom to try on a selection of our clothing products that we have on display. Alternatively, we have a mobile showroom that we can drive to your establishment, saving you from making the trip to us. This is a great option if you are a big group and everybody wants to try on or look at a few pieces.

Yes, bring in your clothing and let us know the logo and location, we can do the rest.