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Here at Octagon Lincoln, we pride ourselves in offering a range of vehicle branding services to suit every business’s needs. 

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Vehicle wrapping is the use of a special vinyl film to cover your vehicle, resulting in an eye-catching new look. Many businesses opt for vehicle wrapping that displays their company branding as it’s a great way to advertise their brand and what they offer.

Vehicle wrapping can be full or partial and here at Octagon Lincoln, we offer both! Full vehicle wrapping covers every square ft of paint, completely transforming your vehicle. Partial vehicle wrapping covers one or more panels, such as a car bonnet or door, leaving some of the original paintwork to show.

A major benefit of vehicle wrapping is the detail, colour, and texture of your design can’t be replicated with a conventional respray… at least not without costing you an arm and a leg! For businesses especially, which may want to incorporate a detailed logo or written slogan into their vehicle advertising, the detail offered by professional wrapping service is tough to beat!


Vehicle graphics include vehicle decals, vehicle stickers, and vehicle wrapping techniques. Rather than full-coverage vehicle wrapping, vehicle graphics give you the option to simply apply a logo or a few lines of text.

Not only can Octagon Lincoln apply your vehicle graphics, but we can also help design your vehicle graphics from start to finish – it's the vehicle branding equivalent of door-to-door service! Contact us to organise a chat with our in-house design team about your vehicle graphics.


Vehicle magnets are printed vinyl stickers with magnetic backings that attach to your vehicle. Vehicle magnets are a great option if you’re looking for a low-commitment method of vehicle branding. Vehicle magnets are easily removable meaning they can be used during your shift and detached during off-the-clock hours or given to another employee for use.

Why invest in vehicle branding?

There are many reasons vehicle branding might be a good idea for your business. We’ve compiled 8 reasons why we are fans of vehicle branding and use it ourselves.


Advertising studies have shown that visual motion grabs attention. When your vehicle is on the road and driving around, it’s likely to capture the attention of more onlookers, a.k.a. potential clients, than a static billboard.

Increase Reach

Your branded vehicle will drive past the eyes of potential clients on a daily basis. Especially for locally-focused businesses, vehicle branding is a great way to be noticed in our community and by your ideal clients.

Excellent Value Advertising

Vehicle branding is excellent value advertising. According to a UK study, a company-branded vehicle, when driving intercity “attracts up to 18 million views a year with a vehicle wrap costing 10% of the overall price of leasing and running a van – a mere 87 pence per day.”

Building Trust

Vehicle branding establishes trust in your business and the services you provide. When driving your local streets in your company-branded vehicle, potential customers see the investment you have made in your own business through vehicle branding and your dedication to professionalism.

Indefinite Marketing

Pay a once-off cost for an indefinite marketing campaign, what’s not to like!? Unlike a magazine ad, a newspaper ad, a Google ad, or a billboard, your vehicle branding will last as long as the vehicle itself or the branding techniques themselves with no extra costs.

Vehicle Protection

Full vehicle wrapping can be an extra layer of protection between your vehicle’s paintwork and road grit and debris. Plus, vehicle wrapping can be professionally removed if you decide you wish to sell your vehicle or change up your company branding.

Cohesive Brand Image

A cohesive brand image is key for every business. The more organised your branding is across different platforms, the more likely clients are to recognise your brand and come to you! In other words, vehicle branding is the cherry on top of creating a cohesive and recognisable brand image.

A platform for humour

Why not take the opportunity to make potential clients smile on an otherwise dreary ride to work or while stuck in traffic? Incorporating a bit of humour into your vehicle branding means that your potential clients will associate your business with positive thoughts before even stepping foot in your office.

At Octagon Lincoln, we want to give you every opportunity to promote your business while staying true to your brand image and aesthetic. Our showroom is filled with colour samples and examples of how our colours look on different materials and backdrops, so you can make a decision without having to visualize what a colour will look like.

Pop into our showroom to say hello and browse our samples. We will be more than happy to talk through the design process with you and give you some ideas for vehicle branding for your business.

“UK Government statistics show that your vehicle will be seen up to 3,000 times per day on its journeys. Given the typical cost of applying vehicle signage, that equates to around 4 pence per 100 sightings.”

"Octagon have done a fantastic job on my van wrap."
Koston Construction

Tips and Tricks

After many years in the business, our Octagon Lincoln team has learned a thing or two about vehicle branding! Below are a few of our tips and tricks about how to get the most bang for your buck when investing in vehicle branding.

If our tips and tricks sound like a lot to take in, don’t worry! We are more than happy to talk to you about the vehicle branding process over the phone or in person at our showroom.

Your Vehicle, Our answers


Generally, we ask for vehicles to be dropped off at 9 am and we complete 90% of projects on the same day. If 9 am is not a suitable time for you, feel free to drop off your vehicle earlier or the night before.

Larger projects may take multiple days, but this is something we will communicate with you at the time of booking.

Our headquarters is a secure unit equipped with a private vehicle bay. Your vehicle will be kept safe inside the vehicle bay from when you drop it off to when you come and pick it up.

Yes, we can add branding to vehicles of every size and shape. We have even added branding to a road sweeper before!

Whether you want to have a big say or a little say in designing your vehicle branding, we will be there to offer our support. Our in-house design team will be 100% at your disposal to ensure that your vehicle branding is eye-catching and highly effective.

Yes, our magnets are industrial grade which means they won’t come off when driving at high speeds based on national speed limits.

DIY vehicle wrapping is possible; however, it’s not recommended unless you only apply a small decal. Here at Octagon Lincoln, we use professional printing equipment to produce high-quality images for our vehicle graphics, a standard that would be difficult, if not impossible to replicate using at-home equipment.

The process of applying vehicle branding starts with an 8-step cleaning process that includes de-gluing any old branding, clay-barring, and much more. After cleaning your vehicle, we start applying vehicle wraps or general graphics.

Based on supplier information our vehicle graphics generally last from , or until you decide you want to change up your branding. Take steps to care for your vehicle branding and utilise our cleaning guide so that your vehicle branding looks spick and span for as long as possible.

Yes, we can professionally remove your vehicle branding eaving no damage to the original paintwork. This means your vehicle branding won’t affect the future value of your vehicle.

While it is best to check your lease agreement, the majority of lease agreements in the UK do allow vinyl wrapping or graphics.