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Mobile Showroom

We understand you’re busy, and we know that coming to us might be hard for you when you have a large number of staff. So that’s why we bring the showroom to you!

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Book In

Book in advance at a time that suits you! Lunchtime is usually a good time for us to come down so that your team can try on during their lunch break

Try on

Try on our main products; hoodies, tees, polos, soft shells and rain coats. A wider range is available in our main showroom, but we always carry our most popular products out and about.

Available Weekdays

We can bring our mobile showroom to you Monday to Friday from 10am till 4pm.

Having time to get your team across to our showroom can be hard and it might cost you too much time which could be spent on client work. Therefore we can bring our showroom to you. With our mobile showroom, we can come out to you with a small collection of popular products so you and your team can try them all on in one hit. 

If you find that you want to see more of a range then please pop into our main showroom in Lincoln. 

What can we try on?
printed leavers hoodie

We can’t bring everything with us, unfortunately the van is 5% or less of the size of our showroom so you’ll never get every item on the road with us. However, please let us know if there are specific products you want to see not listed here, and we can see what we can do. 

welton fc embroidered sports jacket
Daisymade Coat

If the timing is right, we can come the same day, this isn’t always the case and we will often come within 5 days of you contacting us. You might find that not everyone is there within a 5-day period because some staff may be on holiday, off sick, or simply not working in the office at that time. 

Lincoln Painting & Decorating Uniform
When can you come?
What happens next?
3 Peaks Printed Tee
Octagon Lincoln Showroom

Send the Mobile Showroom!

Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you to organise a convenient time for you so that we can send the Mobile Showroom down to see you and your team.