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Website Development

Aesthetics, functionality, and intuitive navigation are at the core of our approach to website development. By focussing on aesthetics, including imagery and the incorporation of your brand's distinctive colours, we craft visually appealing websites that fortify your brand's image and identity. Functionality is key in ensuring that each website serves its purpose: attracting customers and driving revenue for your business. Lastly, we prioritize intuitive navigation, allowing potential customers to effortlessly find the information they're looking for.


Website hosting is essentially renting the digital space (domain) where your website resides. Our hosting servers are seamless and quick to load, so potential clients can access your website conveniently. Even during website traffic spikes.
Included in our hosting packages is the option to set up a company email for your business. This ensures that all communications with potential clients come across as professional and organised.

Brand Design

Your website is a centralised hub for potential clients to interact with your business and learn about your brand image. At Octagon Lincoln Websites, we will take the time to learn about your brand image and incorporate it into the website we create for you.
If your brand image is not fully formed or there are elements you would like to enhance, our in-house design team offers bespoke brand design services. We offer logo design and other branding services suitable for all business needs and budgets. Take a look at our designs page to learn more.

E-commerce Solutions

Transform your website into a digital storefront with round-the-clock the potential to generate sales. We can create an e-commerce website for your business or adapt your existing website to have e-commerce potential, which includes the addition of a payment gateway.
Whether you have big plans for your digital storefront or you only want to sell a few products on the side, reach out to Octagon Lincoln to discuss e-commerce solutions tailored to you.

On-going Site Maintenance

Keep your website up-to-date with accurate information about your business and take care of any bug fixes through ongoing site maintenance . This contributes to an effective and reliable website that visitors can navigate seamlessly.
At Octagon Lincoln, we offer ongoing site maintenance. In addition, we have a professional customer support team ready to help should you reach out with any issues or requests.

Graphic Design

Incorporating graphic design elements into your website can boost its aesthetic appeal and grab the attention of website visitors. Octagon Lincoln has an in-house team of graphic designers, ready to service all of your graphic design needs.
Additionally, graphic design elements on your website can often serve as a basis or inspiration for other forms of visual marketing such as flyers and other printed products. So, once your graphic design for your website is complete, transfer the design from (web) platform to paper, using our in-house services.

Full Site Transfer

A full-site website transfer, also known as website migration, means moving an entire website from one hosting provider to another. There are several reasons people may opt for a full site transfer such as faster servers, fewer bugs, or to centralise their website and marketing strategies by only working with one external company rather than several.
If you have an existing website and want to learn more about full site transfers reach out to Octagon Lincoln for a free consultation and quote.

Custom Systems

Custom systems refer to website systems, functionalities or software that are designed for your business and your business's unique needs. This includes everything from MOT Booking Systems to event ticketing to membership clubs and more, all completed in one place.
At Octagon Lincoln, we understand that when it comes to websites, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. That’s why we offer custom systems tailored to you.

Why invest in Websites?

Digital tools and technologies are becoming more and more commonplace. Here’s why a website is an essential tool for your brand, propelling your business forward and ensuring you stay competitive in the digital era :

A central hub for information

Your website is a central hub for information about your business. Whether you include service descriptions, images of your products or completed projects, an FAQ section, or even a long-form blog, potential customers should be able to visit your website to have their questions answered. This affords customers the ability to make decisions at their own pace rather than during a phone conversation with you, and it saves you time fielding calls and emails from simply curious people.

Stay Relevant

When in need of a particular service or product, many people research businesses online. According to a LinkedIn article , 88% of the time, customers who do a local search for businesses on their smartphone will visit or call the establishment within 24 hours. This means to stay relevant with how people tend to shop, it’s important to have a website and show up in search results.
In addition, reviewing ongoing reports about how your website is performing can help you make key changes to improve your website and your business’s relevance and success.

Share Customer Reviews

You can further establish your business’s credibility by displaying customer reviews on your website. This can be done by quoting words of praise from a client or embedding reviews from review platforms such as Google Business Reviews, Facebook, or Trip Advisor. As much as there is for you to say about your own products and services, sometimes hearing it from a fellow customer can have a bigger impact!

Tell Your Story to Connect on a Human Level

Flyers, business, cards, and banners are effective forms of marketing, but they are limited in terms of space and what they can covey. On the other hand, your website is a platform for you to share your story and your mission, as well as what products and services you offer to the world. By sharing snippets of the work behind the scenes, including photos, having an ‘About Us’ page that describes your business, and allowing personality to shine through, your website can help you connect with potential customers on a more human level.

Opens Up Other Marketing Strategies

Having a website opens up other marketing strategies for your business. You can create blog posts to inform potential clients about your industry, start an email marketing campaign, link your social media pages on your website, and so much more.

Incorporate SEO Strategies

SEO refers to search engine optimisation, and it is a strategic tool to increase the viewership of your website. Some SEO strategies include the use of plugins, incorporating relevant keywords, and thoughtfully structuring your website.


Most established companies and big-name brands have a website. When you have one of your own, it lends credibility to the products or services you provide, aligning you with industry standards and customer expectations. In fact, some industry accreditations even require you to have a business website to prove your credibility!

Increase Business Exposure

Think of your website as a form of business signage. While your signage increases exposure to locals who walk or drive past it, your website is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and increases exposure on a much larger scale. This helps your business target new customer demographics who wouldn’t otherwise know about your business and what you offer.


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Octagon Lincoln has been in the visual marketing industry for a long time. In the past 6 years, we’ve expanded what we offer to include websites, believing that an online presence and digital tools are valuable assets to almost every business. The talented web designers we’ve onboarded combined with our wealth of knowledge in visual marketing, allow us to produce effective, high-quality, and stunning websites for our valued clients. In addition, we offer a comprehensive list of website services, from email marketing to ongoing SEO reviews after the completion of your project. 

Whether you’re after a complex multi-page digital hub or eCommerce Site, or a simple one-page website, we’re excited to work with you and come up with a solution that suits your business. So get in touch with us today to organise your free zero-obligation consultation, or pop down to our showroom for an informal chat.

“Octagon have looked after our site for a few years now & have done a great job." Special Edition Chocolate

Your Website, Our answers


Most of the time, yes. We are happy to update and add value to your existing website. However, we would have to check that the website builder you used is compatible with what our team uses. Our signature website builders are WordPress and OpenCart. 

Yes, we provide ongoing website maintenance and personalised website management services. We have some businesses whose websites have been with us for years, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals whether that’s sales, leads, or views.

Yes, our friendly team is happy to offer advice or work with you to build your website. From setting up your WordPress site and taking a step back so you can build it, to just helping with a tricky section, to fixing up a site you have produced, our services are very flexible. Get in touch with us so we can have a chat about your website needs.

We create digital storefronts using WooCommerce or OpenCart. WooCommerce can integrate with your WordPress site while OpenCart is a standalone store management system that we can build your e-commerce site on from scratch.

Yes, we’re happy to take on multi-website projects. We can transfer your websites over to our servers, and work on them individually or combine your websites into one. From there, we offer our normal range of services.

We include basic SEO services on all of our websites at no additional cost. If you’re after an extra SEO boost, we offer several options and we invite you to reach out for a free consultation.

Yes, all websites by Octagon Lincoln are mobile and tablet-friendly.

We have years of experience working with and integrating HubSpot on client websites. From helping you set up to showing you how to utilise all of HubSpot’s best features, this service can drive more leads and sales for your business.