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Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs use lighting to increase visibility and draw attention to your sign. Especially if your business operates during evening hours, illuminated signage is a great option to make sure your signage is visible to potential clients. 

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Illuminated Tray Sign

A tray sign is a flat panel folded on all four sides to resemble a tray, or ‘biscuit tin lid’. Your design is then cut from the panel to create a hollow outline or cut out and extended forward to create a three-dimensional effect. The outline or three-dimensional features are illuminated by LED lights hidden inside the tray. 

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Halo Lit

The halo effect involves lighting up the area behind the sign or lettering. This results in a in a bold and illuminated border that draws attention to what’s in the centre.

Illuminated Built Up Lettering

Built-up letters, also known as 3D or channel letters, are moulded from durable materials to create a three-dimensional letter shape. Built-up letters can be illuminated by inserting LED lights inside the lettering or with a ‘halo effect’. 

embroidered apron and polo top


There’s a high chance you’ve seen lightbox signage when out and about on your daily commute. This kind of signage resembles a thin box shape with a semi-translucent face printed on plastic, acrylic or vinyl. Lightbox signs are lit internally which makes the face of the sign appear as if it is going. Lightbox signs are a win-win as they reap the benefits of illuminated signs without coming across as overpowering, or ‘too much’.

LED Lights

At Octagon Lincoln, we use LED lights for all of our illuminated signs. While neon bulbs use 20 watts of electricity per hour, LED lights take just 1.2 watts, making them a low-energy-use option. In addition, LED lights are durable and flexible, meaning they are suitable for many project types and applications.

With low-energy usage, a longer life span, and better durability, LED lights are the most sustainable option for illuminated signs and also the most cost-effective. We are big fans of LED lights as it’s our goal to make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

Contact us to book a one-on-one with either Sam or Jack. We’ll pop by to see you at your business premises and run you through your signage options. We always have our portfolio of work handy to show you the different options as well as our little box of tricks that contains illuminated signage. You’ll be able to see our signs light up in real life so you can judge their WOW factor for yourself.

Other Signage

Since you now know all about our illuminated signage, why not learn more about other signage? Click on the type of signage your interested in below.

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Window Graphics

Octagon offer a wide selection of high-quality sports clothing for adults and children, perfect for clubs or personal trainers who want branded clothing. 

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Promotional Signage

Octagon Lincoln can embroider and print onto a huge selection of quality workwear. Why not pop into our showroom to have a look at our selection and try on?

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Wayfinding & Directional

We understand you’re busy, and we know that coming to us might be hard for you when you have a large number of staff. So that’s why we bring the showroom to you!

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Shop Front

Octagon Lincoln can embroider and print onto a huge selection of quality workwear. Why not pop into our showroom to have a look at our selection and try on?