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Why Every Business Should Have A Website.

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A website offers visitors an opportunity to learn about and look at your website at any time of the day. Your site can help with any enquiries people may have, for example if you include a FAQ’s section, when your premises are closed. A portfolio on your website is also a great way to show potential clients your previous work, which increases the chances of them purchasing from you.


Having a great website is one of the best marketing tools you can have and in comparison, to other marketing options, websites have a very low cost per impression. Your website has the potential to bring in a lot of organic leads, such as from search engines. Improve your websites Search Engine Optimism and you will see a huge increase in people visiting it. Another way your website can help your businesses marketing, is that you can link specific pages, products, and information to emails or social media.

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A website and in particular an online shop, means the potential to sell even more products or services. Having an online presence means you can make sales without even talking to customers. Your website is the perfect platform to sell your business to potential customers, for example, “93% Of Business Purchase Decisions Start With A Search Engine Search of Websites”. Don’t miss out on these kinds of sales opportunities by not having a website.


If your website looks professional and comes up on a search engine when somebody is looking for your services, it will raise your businesses credibility dramatically. If somebody is on the fence about purchasing from you and finds your website, they’re a lot more likely to go ahead with their purchase once they’ve learnt some more about your company.



So many of the calls your businesses receive will be simple questions that you can answer on your website. Less calls, means more time for you and your staff to work on more important tasks. Another great time saving tool, is showing your website portfolio to potential clients you are selling to face to face, to reassure them about your previous projects and give them inspiration for their own.

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Octagon Lincoln offer a range of website development and design services. If you’re interested in getting a website or upgrading your current site, please get in touch on 01522 449 229 or

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