Octagon offer a wide selection of high-quality printed products, at a range of different prices. 

trebles banners


large banner

These are a staple for any business advertising and marketing. If you are at an event, on a building site, or just have a large fence outside your building, PVC banners are so useful.

They are cheaper than their alternatives, especially in terms of long-term signage. Perfect for start up businesses looking to save some money and time on signage.

fence banner

 Mesh also offers a great alternative to PVC, if you want to stand out from the crowd and have something a little bit different than your usual banner.

Produced larger than your average banner and printed so that there are little holes in the fabric. These holes allow air to pass through easily, meaning they’re great for scaffolding because they don’t create a sail on the side. 

mesh banner
roller banner close up

Excellent for use in reception rooms, at exhibitions and anywhere else you might want to advertise your company. If you want to give a professional first impression, roller banners are for you. 

Octagon printing has many options for different needs, such as double-sided or high quality. A fantastic affordable and portable option. 

roller banner